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At Products Innovation Group, Inc. (PIGI) we believe that creating products built on a foundation of integrity and trust should always serve as the main building blocks behind every idea. 

Our family-owned business began as a retail gutter company in 1981 and quickly became one of the largest gutter companies on the east coast. After years of cleaning and repairing failing gutters due to clogging and weather damage the owner, Evelyn, decided to look for a way to keep gutters functioning properly.

In the early 90’s she invested into a Reverse Curve gutter protection system and was one of the earliest gutter companies to exclusively offer gutter protection to Central Virginia. Throughout the years of successfully selling to homeowners, Evelyn noticed many failures in the design of the reverse curve technology.

Evelyn made it her mission to provide homeowners with a gutter guard that would actually live up to its claim. So, in 2001 Evelyn sold her Gutter Company and began manufacturing Leaf Solution, the first stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard to be offered to Dealers nationwide. 

Driven by the passion to create quality products, our team of engineers and industry specialists continue to deliver on Evelyn’s mission of finding solutions to everyday problems that can bring peace of mind to homeowners.

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At the heart of PIGI lies our people. Dreamers. Innovators. People who work hard to create products that solve problems. Our company motto reminds us every day that with the right people, we can accomplish great things.

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